Apple MacBook Pro MC374LL/A Product review

Submitted by on Feb 7, 2011

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What makes Apple MacBook Pro MC374LL/A, stand out of the crowd is a million dollar question to consider. After having an encounter with your sense of touch you could immediately realize, yes this MacBook Pro is an engineering marvel which is solidly constructed and is without doubt a stylish machine. What makes this wonder machine second to none is because of great features this Apple MacBook offers.

When you look at the configuration of this Apple laptop you could become stunned to observe its great feature of having a great speed i.e. a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor in a laptop size machine.  This type of speed is rare to be found in a laptop.

Coming to its screen, it is 13.3 inch with LED-backlit display having a resolution of 1280 by 800 which is without any doubt immaculate. No doubt people are looking for big screens around, but this professional MacBook is meant for people who are on a look out for extremely portable as everybody is aware that small is always beautiful.

The other awesome feature of this machine is it comes with an HDMI type adaptor. This means you can connect your laptop to TV when you intend to watch a movie with a larger screen.  The result of this would be mind blowing.

One more advantage of the portability of this MacBook Pro MC374LL/A is that it offers long battery life.  From a single charge its battery lasts for a good 9 to 10 hours which is really an improvement from last year’s Mac.

Coming to the memory of this machine, MacBook Pro MC374LL/A comes with 4GB of DDR memory which helps most of the applications to run smoothly at the same time. Now if you are thinking that whether this machine has an expandable memory, the answer to this is yes the MC374LL/A is expandable to 8GB.

As far as its storage space is concerned it is here one can encounter a little flaw as the machine contains only a 250GB hard drive space. It would have been awesome if the space had been more. But the good news is that we have two options, one is to upgrade the hard drive of our own and the other is that we can do the work with an external drive which is available at around $100. What more can we say? Are you ready to purchase this wonder machine?