Benefits of hiring Pets and Area Rug Cleaning NYC

Submitted by on May 5, 2012

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pets and rug cleaners in nyDuring our childhood we had often heard from our parents that acquiring an item is easy but maintaining it is difficult. If you are a proud owner of a posh Persian, Oriental, Indian, Pakistani, Afghani, Antique or Hand Made Rugs, you might be playing around, to maintain it properly. The task of maintaining rugs becomes difficult if you also own a pet. Pet owners are aware how the hair of dog and cat entangle with fiber of the expensive rugs. There comes a time when you can’t escape the rugs from various lethal attacks of stains and dust mite allergen. Your each step on rugs exposes a cloud of dust mite allergen which materializes into the air, thus making the life of your family members vulnerable to these allergens and irritants. If any member of your family is showing symptoms ranging from itchy eyes and skin or rhinosinusitis (inflammation of nose and sinuses) or eczema lately, it is time to take some drastic steps.

Some people use vacuum cleaners to clean the stubborn stains from these expensive rugs. Unfortunately, majority of them fail in their venture to keep rugs looking fresh and clean. Even commercial vacuums used by local carpet cleaners miserably fail to jet out deep dust from these rugs.

Benefits of hiring Area Rug Cleaning in NYC
To combat all the above problems, Area Rug Cleaning in NYC could said to be a panacea for all worn or stained rugs. Now-a-days businesses are thinking out of the box, professional area rug cleaning experts are using green methods, which uses only non-toxic products. They have started adopting organic cleaning methods which are safe for kids and even pets. The treatment meted out by the Area Rug Cleaning in NYC is second to none; they are implementing treatments like using enzyme producing bacteria which digest organic waste matter thus helping in subduing urine odors of pet and withstanding extreme temperatures and PH.

Why choose renowned Carpet Cleaners?
Carpet Cleaners are accredited for their professionalism when it comes to bringing expensive carpets to life. The company can’t play with the life of the people by using lethal chemicals like butyloxy ethanol (butyl) or perchloroethylene, also known as “perc” for cleaning rugs. These cleaning agents are known to damage liver, kidneys, blood and causes nausea, fatigue and dizziness. Instead the company uses harmless ingredients which are safe for both humans and pets, like natural live enzyme cultures, coconut bases, citrus peel, grapefruit seed extract, lime extracts, corn, cider vinegar, meadow foam seeds and lot more natural stuff.

Don’t dump your old rugs on the mercy of local vacuum cleaners. Bring back your old or stained rugs into life. We promise to give your rugs a new lease of life and give a natural look to it as if you just bought a new expensive rug. Call us right now to hire our services.

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