Choosing the right wood lathe for your project

Submitted by on Aug 6, 2012

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woodlathe machineWhile surfing the internet, you must have come across advertisements showcasing different types of wood lathes for sale banner. Obviously, if you have an interest in wood lathe, the powerful tool with which you can craft or carve exceptional designs into tubular pieces of wood, you will definitely go in detail to find whether this is the product which you intend to buy. If it has all the features you are searching for and whether you have the budget to purchase this wood lathe machinery. For example, your intention for purchasing new wood lathe machinery is to know whether it will be able to turn a solid wood object into an incredible symmetrical ornament like a table or chair into a new design or shape. However, if you are a beginner this will turn out to be a herculean task for you to decide which wood lathe will suit, as there are different models around and they have different features according to their price.

Did you know that basically there are three specific sizes for lathes viz., pen lathe, mini lathe and floor lathe? Pen lathe do small intricate work which can’t be done manually, while mini lathe is bigger than pen lathe and is often used for producing spindles and different curved designs. In totality, mini lathe is associated with projects requiring curved pieces and projects requiring turning and shaping wood. Besides pen lathe and mini lathe, there is floor lathe, which has a large size and it encounters pieces of wood for bigger projects. This machine takes more space than pen and mini lathe.

So it is sine-qua-non to decide about your budget and what type of wood lathe would suit your requirement. You also have to take into consideration about different features of the product in your mind before purchasing the same.

Nevertheless, in order to turn a simple wood into different shapes, styles and designs, there is always a need for diverse accessories for wood lathes. But, the good news is, with the passage of time you can simply find incredible advancement in technology and machinery, which is why there are thousands of creative persons around who are always interested in knowing the latest trends in the wood lathe product also, so that they could generate exceptional designs with wood lathe machinery. Wood lathe machines, which are durable and oldest since time immemorial, come in different shapes and sizes. For example, there are machines which you can use for hobby purposes and they easily fit on a work bench while others can be used in large industrial houses, the size of this wood lathe machine is gigantic and weighs hundreds of pounds. But all in all they share basic elements. Like all the lathe tools can drill, cut, knurl and do sanding job thus producing symmetrically designed products. The tools used by this machinery include chisel, gouge, spear, skew, parting chisel and round-nose chisel.

So it makes some sense to search around and come out with a wood lathe which can bring peace of mind and usurp your business or task.