Google banning link farm sites showing poor content

Submitted by on Mar 6, 2011

google banning farm sitesWith the recent changes in Google algorithm, Google has once again shown that on the web it is the quality which matters most and not quantity. In an effort to earn millions and billions various top notch organizations were involved in creating link farm sites. Recently Google came in forefront and in an effort to make search engine to reveal genuine results it penalized such link farm sites. These sites have now been blocked or move downwards so that they can have good traffic. Low or no traffic on websites means no business.

In the World Wide Web it is the traffic which matters most. If your business wants to earn huge profit pay attention to your content, whether you have website pertaining to your goods or services or a blog it is time you pay attention to its content.

With the coming up on new Google algorithm, the days of copying and pasting are over. If you steal the content of your competitor you are sure to get penalized or banned by Google. But the million dollar question would be if you steal the content from one site and paste it on your website. You are sure to get penalized by Google. That content would be legitimate which was first published on the internet, any same content published after it would be penalized or banned by Google.

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