Top 10 ways to use Facebook for brand promotion

Submitted by on Feb 12, 2012

Facebook bestfreelancewritersBusinesses of every size today are vying hard for exposure and brand promotion, so as to give a new lease of life to their sagging brand, in this situation Facebook, the 2nd most trafficked site has come to the fore. As of date Facebook has over 500+ million members which are increasing with every passing day. Thus, business pundits are predicting that this social media offers a chance for incredible sales if effectively utilized for brand promotion. There are different ways through which your brand name can become a name to be reckoned with. Here are top ten ways to use Facebook for brand promotion.

1. Promote via your Business Account – The first step in brand building through Facebook is by using your business account and not personal account. If you start promoting your brand on a personal account of Facebook it will look odd to see your personal photos or funny videos. Thus promote your blog via your business account and focus on it.

2. Import all your email contacts – While building brand promotion through Facebook it is a good idea to import all your contacts through your business email account.

3. Fill all relevant details – Your ultimate aim is brand promotion, it will be a good idea to fill all the details on your business Facebook page viz., your contact number, email ids and above all the logo of your business. This will help people know that you are on right place.

4. Choose your Facebook page name effectively – In order to get your brand noticed it is a good idea to choose your business name effectively while naming your page at brand name. This way any one while searching more details about your business would found your brand quickly.

5. Using Facebook apps – In order to promote your brand, you have to utilize the power of facebook apps. Did you know there are 150,000+ active apps pertaining to Facebook? For example there is app named “Extended Info box” in which you can use HTML to customize your content.

6. Use “suggest to Friends” Option – In order to get more traffic you can take the help of “Suggest to Friends” option. This way you get a chance to get more attention from visitors who will refer the content to their friends.

7. Separate welcome page on Facebook – You can easily chalk out or customize a separate welcome page of your brand on Facebook. As soon as someone clicks on your page it will be directed to welcome tab landing page instead of old “Facebook Wall”.

8. Vanity URL help – In order to focus on your brand name, you have the option to create Vanity URL where your brand would be more visible. For example, your URL will depict your brand name like

9. Direct Conversation – Another method for your brand to get noticed is by entering into direct conversation in groups and events.

10. Say “Thank you” – When someone comments on your brand don’t forget to say “Thank you”, as it will show that you really care.